That song

Oh this has gotta be the good life
This has gotta be the good life
This could really be a good life, good life

Say oh, got this feeling that you can’t fight
Like this city is on fire tonight
This could really be a good life
A good, good life


That song <3



Feeling a bit out of focus today.
Just chill with ripped jeans and my stars and stripes top from Saints and Mortals.


A little piece of Italy

..right in the heart of Oslo. This city never stop to surprise me, amaze me.. Walking through the city i am constantly discovering new details, places and people. This time: Italy.



Had a nice sunday with my friend Kristine. We went to Bygdøy by bus and walked back home. It’s so amazing how Bygdøy is so close to the city but when you are there it feels miles away..

Hello Mr.Cow!

Not interested..

Lots of furry babies

Apparently there is gold at the end of the rainbow. I have not seen it. Bring on Monday!