Holiday fever.

I been so lucky, the last year i’ve had two of the best holidays of my life!
I think i’ve underestimated what traveling and seeing the world can do to you, for me it’s bliss, pure happiness that i can not get enough of. From now on there will major cutbacks on the shopping and more saving for amazing adventures round the world. It is somewhat of a bummer being back to the routine life and the non existing summer in Norway. I’ve gotten so used to eating out every night, drinking wine for lunch, dinner, staying out till late and getting up early in the morning ready to explore new sites and meet new people. Sleep became a foregin word and i loved it! Will share travel details later.










Finally!! With a few weeks delay, finally the bits&bobs UNI beanie is in shop at Urban stores and And it’s flying out of shop even though it missed easter and the spring is right round the corner. I am so happy and grateful! I secretly hope that it will stay chilly outside for a few more weeks..!

Happiness truly comes in many shapes!

UNI collage new

Happy Tuesday people!



I did not stay up watching the Oscars, but it’s always fun waking up and checking who did it right and who did it completely wrong in the dress department. As so many others i think Jennifer Lawrences was the big winner this year, in her haute couture Dior dress. Absolutely gorgeous, in every way. And with what a grace she managed to recover from falling on the stairs up to the stage, i don’t think there is many people who could do that! She’s got class.
Jennifer Lawrence - Dior Haute Couture

These are my top 6:

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Jennifer Lawrenve – Dior

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Amy Adams – Oscar de la Renta

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals
Alicia Vikander – Elie Saab

Stacy-Keibler - Naeem Khan
Stacy Keibler – Naeem Khan

samantha Barks - Valentino
Samantha Barks – Valentino

Georgina Chapman - Marchesa
Georgina Chapman – Marchesa

As always there are too many walking the red carpet with a “what were you thinking” stampe all over their dress. These are 6 of the dresses i prsonally think is a complete disaster:

Zoe Saldana - Alexis Mabille
Zoe Saldana – Alexis Mabille

Sunrise Coigney - Zero + Maria Cornejo
Sunrise Coigney – Zero + Maria Cornejo

Renee Zellweger - Carolina Herrera
renee Zellweger – Carolina Herrera

Melissa McCarthy - David Meister signature
Melissa McCarthy – David Meister

Jacki Weaver - Rani Zakhem
Jacki Weaver – Rani Zakhem

Helena Bonham Carter - Vivienne Westwood
Helena Bonham Carter – Vivienne Westwood


Shoot inspiration.

Me and one of my best friends are from time to time doing photo shoots together. The next one is tomorrow. Luckily all came together a few days ago. We now have a make-up artist on the team and the models are booked. Title is “Summer of 64″ and we have come up with a really cute storyline we hope will portray a summery feeling in the middle of these cold winter months. Cant wait for tomorrow to see it all come together! Here are some inspo pics:

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Be my Valentine.

Just want to say a big Happy Valentines Day to all! I often hear that people don’t like this day, thinking it’s just some corporate scheme to make money. I think it’s a bit sad and focusing on the completely wrong thing. What is so wrong with one day a year to make someone feel extra special? A loved one, a friend, a family member or even just a total stranger. Even though we are meant to make the people round us feel special all year round, i think for many people, it can get a little lost in everyday life and forget that little extra smile that can make all the difference in someone’s day. It’s the little things that count, never forget that. Valentines does not have to be an expensive and lavish day. I would be more than happy with an extra tight hug or even a text showing he thinks about me. I remember last year, it was so simple and unexpected, still it meant so much. This year I will spend the day in the gym with one of my best friends, sweating out all my emotions. So no matter what you are doing today or who you are with, make it special. You might just make someones day! Lots of love x



50 Shades Of Grey.

Oh, the fifty shades of Grey. I am not talking about the books.. wont even get started on that. The case is that i been planning on painting my bedroom walls grey for a while now, and i simply can not find the perfect grey colour. I am totally lost in the forrest of different shades of grey. I cant seem to find the perfect combination of light, dark, warm and cold. Frustration is the word.


jeff andrews design grey brown bedroom taupe drapes windows







Decitions, decitions, decitions.. If anyone out there have a tip for the perfect colour it would make my day!